Quality management

Our certified quality management system follows the norm of ISO 9001 from version 2015.





Our certificate can be verified from the VEURID.




In our ranks, we have experts for security services as well as organizational / plant-technical fire protection, certified by the Federal Association of German Experts and Certified Experts (BDSF).




We also employ an expert for management systems, IT security, and data protection who has been certified by the BDSF and the German Association of Experts and Consultants (DGSV).



Information and management security

Our certified information management system follows the standard ISO 27001 in version 2013.





Our certificate can be verified from VEURID.



Data protection management

Of course, do we take our responsibility serious and that is why we introduced a DSGVO concurring data safety management system (DSMS).




Our certificate can be verified from the VEURID.



Transparency and control thanks to LogPro

For the service planning, digital safety logs/ markings, the time detection, the key overview, and further points we use LogPro and provide these for the responsibility of the regions Rheinland-Pfalz, Saarland and Hessen as LogPro partner.



Staff development thanks to academy

At our VAkademie do we train our employees and colleagues from other security services. We train our paramedics and fire protection helpers by ourselves.



The VAkademie is also a Telc examination center, this way we can also test and certify German language skills according to recognized standards.


The Vakademie is a private school of the Association of German Private Schools (VdP). 

In our ranks, there are several chambers of commerce and vocational instructors, chamber of commerce and instructor examiner and university professor (law, data protection).



Process structuring thanks to ticketing

We use ticketing for transaction management, which documents every e-mail, phone call, and transaction process. Our clients receive a processing number for each transaction, which enables a clear assignment even in case of sickness or leave of individual employees. For this reason, we use our own further developed software RequestTracker (RT) from bestpractical.



Stability thanks to low staff fluctuation

We put great importance on our employee satisfaction and therefore the results in low staff fluctuation. Because of this reason do you, if possible as our clients have more stable and trained staff members on board that will keep their gained worth of experience. Results are maximized stability and a great climate to work in.



Social commitment

We put a great worth into our social commitment. We engage in community service and donations for multiple social projects. We understand ourselves as a social and fair employer. We engage ourselves, especially for the German Child Protection Association. Besides, we run projects for the expansion of drinking water supply and school operations in North Africa. Non-profit organizations receive our services at cost price. At least 10% of our company profits are donated to good causes.

As a customer, you have the option of supporting our social projects with a defined percentage of the hourly rates.