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Advanced Safety Management

ASM stands for Advanced Safety Management – or security 2.0. We named our company this way because we began with a confident goal that we want to be remembered daily: nothing more or less except to be the best security service on the market. That’s how we weight ourselves- if you find yourself unsatisfied, please tell us openly what it is we can improve and we will discuss it and work on it.

The philosophy our corporation follows is to offer impeccable output for appropriate prices. That is why we aimed our companies structure to the best of our capabilities on reliability, customer satisfaction, and communication. Where humans work, mistakes happen (of course we are no exception) the art behind it is to learn from past mistakes and develop their weakness to future strength. Please challenge us!

Advanced is ASM because we learned from previous projects and became better through them than anything we used to be. Or in other words: “Security 2.0”.

Safety stands for the protection order that is directed towards the for us protected values and people. Security is something we understand as a 24/7 job, according to this we do not only hire a security guard for the needed position, but we behind every project stands a thorough security concept and an appropriated consultation of our clients.

Management is a necessity to differentiate from the upcoming and disappearing masses of security services: with us, there are not only security concepts, but take care of a good company structure for a professional completion.

Unusual & Extraordinary

When someone thinks of security service, there is this picture of a grim-looking, with a body stance of 2 meters high and width that has a paramilitary aura and stifles every kind of resistance in the ground.

looking, with a body stance of 2 meters high and width that has a paramilitary aura and stifles every kind of resistance in the ground.

Granted, sometimes that is necessary and security services are not there to cuddle. Often critical situations come up but first of all because of mistakes in the security concept and/or bad communication in advance. This is one of the points that we sew on.

These standards are examples that are self-evident for ASM:

  • communicative experienced employees with their responsibility suited German language skills.
  • Developing individual safety concepts for every project.
  • Comprehensive consultation to clients even over the goal of the individual project – we see problems beforehand and address you about them.
  • Our quality management system is directed after DIN EN ISO 9001:2005 and our information security management after ISO IEC 27001:2013 certified.
  • We work with a real and integrated office – not a one-man show, no phone number but a call center, modern software protected coordinated and communication.
  • Fully transparent and modern infrastructure – For example, if you wish to we will let you have a realtime insight into the tours that our employees stamp with a smartphone
  • We will tell you frankly what we can do and what we cannot – if we give our confirm a project with you, you can have trust in us that we will realize it.

experience meets quality

ASM emerged from a consulting firm that plans, implements and certifies security concepts, among other things. Numerous security services work with our quality management, privacy, information security management systems or software solutions.

These many years of experience that we gained from the accompany of other security services, gave us the motivation to build a “perfect” security service with all these facets. And let’s be honest – do you want to be cared for by a pure security service or by someone who has optimized a variety of security services.

We see ourselves as a far-sighted, holistically planning and sophisticated partner by your side. This can be seen by the fact that ASM

  • follows comprehensive security concepts that take physical security as well as the security for work procedures of information into consideration.
  • employees one of the federal association of german authorised experts (BDSF) and approved experts for security services and organizational/technical fire protection.
  • employees from the BDSF and DGSV certified experts for a management system, IT-security, and data security.
  • operates its academy where ASM is certified to educate paramedics and fire protection helpers, is active in vocational training and further education and ASM employees for example also work as IHK auditors.

We are close to you

Have you ever worked with a security service that, in addition to a handful of guards, only consisted of the owner, as well as his cell phone, a fancy car, and many promises? Then you may have already wished for a partner that was more “near you”.

We are that kind of partner. You are welcome to check with us at the head office that we are more than just hot air and that you always have a unit that will provide you with answers and show you some face, Come by, taste the ASM air and let us have a coffee where we talk about your needs and ideas. We would also be delighted if we could open up new perspectives in this conversation and put your trust in a long-term cooperation.

More information?

Great, we are delighted if you came out from this brief overview of the ASM Advanced Safety Management GmbH with even more questions.

Information on what services we offer can be found on the page security services.

More information about our quality and why you should choose ASM can be found on the page quality.

May we send you our information sheet free of charge? When do we get to know each other personally? Or do you already want a concrete offer? Just write us a short message via our contact form or call us.